Pre-School Start - Book Cover
1st Edition

Pre-School Start

Targeted Intervention for Language Ages 3 and 4 (Reception -1)

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781909301757
eBook: 9781315173771
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Pre-School Start is a practical resource that can be used with nursery children who need targeted additional help in developing communication skills. Devised by two speech and language therapists experienced in working with teaching staff, the book consists of three sets of 20 session sheets; one set per term. The session sheets are easy-to-follow plans for small groups; designed to be delivered by nursery staff.

Pre-School Start offers:

  • an introduction on how to use the Pre-School Start programme
  • programme delivery templates containing all the checklists, record sheets and handouts needed to carry out the programme
  • 60 photocopyable session sheets
  • templates for games (colour versions available to download)
  • minimal preparation required.

This is an an invaluable resource for teachers and teaching assistants that encourages good collaborative practice between schools, speech & language therapists, the SENCO and parents.

This title is a follow up to School Start: Targeted Intervention for Language and Sound Awareness in Reception Class by Catherine de la Bedoyere & Catharine Lowri (9781909301580), which is a practical resource that can be used with children who need additional help in developing communication skills during the first year of school.


What is the sixth word in the first sentence after the heading "Resource Instructions" on "Part 4 - Resource Templates" ?
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