Living Beyond Brain Injury - Book Cover
1st Edition

Living Beyond Brain Injury

A Resource Manual

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781909301429
Hardback: 9781138041677
eBook: 9781315174334
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A brain injury can have a dramatic effect on all areas of a person's life. This manual is designed to provide an understanding of some of the effects of a brain injury and how to manage them. It focuses on how brain injury may affect thinking skills (e.g. memory), emotions and other related areas (e.g. sleep, work and driving). This manual provides techniques based on psychological approaches, which have been shown to be effective with people who have experienced a brain injury. As well as being an important resource for mental health professionals, it will also be useful for families who wish to help a person with a brain injury. It has two clear functions: a resource manual for clinicians and carers / families to work through with brain injury survivors; and a self-help resource for clients with a brain injury.


What is the second word in the answer to the question: “What are ‘executive skills’?” in Chapter 10: Understanding and managing executive skills?
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