2nd Edition

The Selective Mutism Resource Manual

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781909301337
eBook: 9781315174068
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The Selective Mutism Resource Manual - Book Cover


For anyone who needs to understand, assess or manage selective mutism, this is a comprehensive and practical manual that is grounded in behavioural psychology and anxiety management and draws on relevant research findings as well as the authors' extensive clinical experience.

Now in its second edition and including new material for adolescents and adults, The Selective Mutism Resource Manual 2e provides:

  • an up-to-date summary of literature and theory to deepen your understanding of selective mutism
  • a wealth of ideas on assessment and management in home, school and community settings so that its relevance extends far beyond clinical practice
  • a huge range of printable online handouts and other resources
  • case studies and personal stories to illustrate symptoms and demonstrate the importance of tailored interventions.

This book is essential reading for people who have selective mutism as well as for the clinicians, therapists, educators, caseworkers and families who support them.


What is the eighth word of the first paragraph in "Chapter 12 Troubleshooting: why isn't it working" after the heading "Introduction"?
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