Time Matters - Book Cover
1st Edition

Time Matters

A Practical Resource to Develop Time Concepts and Self-Organisation Skills in Older Children and Young People

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781909301320
Hardback: 9781138042278
eBook: 9781315173801
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Time Matters is a practical resource to help children and young people learn about time. Time is usually taught through the Primary school years, teachers working in Secondary schools have been very surprised to discover these gaps in students understanding of calendar time, having assumed that these skills have been acquired at an earlier age.

This practical resource:

  • helps to teach the essential skills needed to carry out a range of time-related concepts e.g. telling the time on a clock
  • can be used by older children, young people and adults who have learned some of the key concepts but need more in-depth knowledge, further practice, or opportunities to practise skills in a functional way
  • includes case studies and the rationale for working on different aspects of time, teaching worksheets and also practical strategies and activities to develop life skills which affect us all e.g. making and keeping appointments, travelling, using calendars and diaries etc.
  • can be used in a range of settings including: Education, Health and Social Care.


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