Recovery Through Activity - Book Cover
1st Edition

Recovery Through Activity

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781909301207
Hardback: 9781138040717
eBook: 9781315174853
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Recovery Through Activity is underpinned by the conceptual framework of the Model of Human Occupation. The introduction of this treatment handbook will provide an invaluable tool to practitioners and also create a platform for research. Recovery Through Activity: enables service users to recognise the long-term benefits of occupational participation by exploring the value of a range of activities; provides occupational therapists with a valuable tool to support the use of their core skills; provides comprehensive evidence regarding the value of activity along with a wealth of resources to support implementation of an occupation focused intervention; helps to refocus the practice of occupational therapy in mental health on occupation; and supports occupational therapy practitioners to engage in their core skills and enhance the quality of service user care in mental health. This handbook will be of interest to occupational therapy practitioners and students as well as occupational therapy managers who are seeking to introduce time-limited, occupation-focused interventions into clinical pathways.


What is the second word in the ‘Questions and answers’ section of Delivering the ‘Recovery through Activity’ group programme?
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