Children's Voices - Book Cover
1st Edition

Children's Voices

Evaluating Pupil Experiences in Primary Schools

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781906517373
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Schools are now asked to complete self-evaluation forms and update these annually. They not only require specific information about the views of learners, but also want to know how this information is gathered. Children's Voices provides a simple structure for gathering and assessing the views of pupils and parents/carers. This book will help to meet the school's needs in this evaluation and, in particular, to complete the SEFs which take into account the views of everyone connected with the schools including those of children. It is not only the collection of data and views that are important. When people are listened to they feel empowered with an improved view of their own self-worth. They, adults and children, feel that they belong to the community, have something to offer and are worthy of taking on some responsibility for the part they play in that community. As well as using data from the various sections in this book to complete the SEFs listening to what the children are telling us will improve our teaching or techniques to meet their needs. Listening to children's voices is only the first step. It is the action we take about what they say that is important. Who is Children's Voices for? Children's Voices is designed as a programme for teachers in mainstream schools. It will also be useful for teachers of children with special needs and classroom assistants working with individual children or very small groups. It is also suitable for use in special schools and with students in training establishments.


What is the fifteenth word in the first sentence of "Section 13. Inclusion and Special Needs?
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