101 Playground Games - Book Cover
1st Edition

101 Playground Games

Enliven and Enrich Any Playtime - A Collection of Active and Engaging Games for Children

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781906517076
Hardback: 9781138038769
eBook: 9781315177175
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101 Playground Games is a collection of active and engaging school playground games for kids. It offers enriching activities and traditional games to encourage active learning and social development among younger children at playtime.

The school playground plays a crucial role in developing all aspects of children’s behaviour and interpersonal learning. Yet there is a growing awareness that children today do not play in the same sociable ways as previous generations.

This resource provides a practical toolkit of ideas to promote lively and enjoyable games. It draws on traditional games and also introduces a wealth of new ones including:

  • chasing and catching games
  • skipping games and rhymes
  • singing and dancing games
  • parachute games
  • quiet games
  • circle games
  • cooperative games
  • games from around the world.


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