Successful Online Learning with Gifted Students - Book Cover
1st Edition

Successful Online Learning with Gifted Students

Designing Online and Blended Lessons for Gifted and Advanced Learners in Grades 5–8

Imprint: Prufrock
Paperback: 9781646322213
Hardback: 9781032145112
eBook: 9781003238317
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This innovative, technology-based resource provides those who teach gifted and advanced learners in grades 5–8 with quality, research-based, online lessons, tools, and insights.

Throughout, you’ll find ready-to-implement virtual lessons, simulations, and learning modules. You’ll also learn how to create, differentiate, and modify existing lessons through an online platform. In addition, the book offers helpful strategies addressing online student accountability, etiquette, and collaboration, and shares useful tips for communicating with parents.

Whether you are looking to enrich learning within the classroom, provide students with extensions outside the classroom, or engage students in distance learning, this book will be invaluable in meeting the needs of your gifted and advanced learners.


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