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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Managing Dry Mouth

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781630914899
eBook: 9781003526995
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An interdisciplinary textbook on dry mouth, Xerostomia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Managing Dry Mouth provides an overview of xerostomia for physicians, dentists, nurses, speech-language pathologists, and otolaryngologists who encounter the condition in their practice.

Xerostomia is a common condition, yet only one in seven cases are referred to a speech-language pathologist or otolaryngologist for treatment. Featuring contributions from speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, dentists, oral pathologists, and nurses, the text's interdisciplinary approach and evidence-based framework provides practitioners with an awareness and understanding of xerostomia that will improve interprofessional coordination and enhance patient care.

With a robust accompanying website including patient education resources, Xerostomia addresses the following topics:

  • An otolaryngologist's view of xerostomia, including causes, symptoms, evaluation, and treatment
  • Patient perspectives of living with xerostomia, including quality of life measures and new research findings
  • Effect of xerostomia on dental and oral health
  • Voice disorders associated with xerostomia
  • Impact of xerostomia on swallowing
  • The science of saliva, including composition and production
  • Pharmacological management of xerostomia

Xerostomia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Managing Dry Mouth provides indispensable information for general practitioners, internists, dentists, nurses, otolaryngologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech-language pathology students, as well as any health care practitioners who encounter patients with xerostomia.


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