1st Edition

A Video Textbook of Glued IOLs

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781630912246
eBook: 9781003526872
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A Video Textbook of Glued IOLs - Book Cover


The first of its kind to cover the cutting edge technique of glued IOLs in eyes with deficient capsules, A Video Textbook of Glued IOLs combines the practical explanation of written text with the dynamic demonstration of a surgical video website. With this unique combination, the narrated videos are able to demonstrate all the challenging surgical situations, while the textbook will provide more in-depth step-by-step details for each technique.

Dr. Amar Agarwal and his contributors are some of the leading pioneers of the glued IOL technique and provide expert advice on all aspects, including complications, predictions of problems, and methods of management.

A Video Textbook of Glued IOLs also includes the history of the technique, methods, modifications, combinations, results, and complications, making it the first textbook to collect all the details on glued IOLs and compile them together with over 40 narrated video tutorials into one comprehensive resource hosted on a companion website.

A Video Textbook of Glued IOLs offers state-of-the-art instruction from the innovators of the technique themselves and its step-by-step approach makes it simple to understand and easy to reproduce for anterior segment surgeons, junior ophthalmologists, specialists, and post-graduates alike.

Some videos include:

  • Subluxated cataract extraction
  • Decentered IOL in the sulcus
  • IOL in the anterior chamber
  • Dislocated IOL in the retina
  • Co-morbid scenarios like microcornea, aniridia, trauma and Coloboma


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