1st Edition

Above and Beyond the Writing Workshop

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781625314307
eBook: 9781032680507
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Above and Beyond the Writing Workshop - Book Cover


When writing workshops first blossomed in classrooms, its hallmarks were genuine curiosity, individual choice, quality conversations, and engaging children's literature. A joyous hum of intention, creativity, and craft enlivened the school day. Today's teachers are often faced with a range of obstacles, as new initiatives are embraced, mandates handed down, and scripted programs are purchased. Sometimes teachers must sacrifice the original principles of the writing workshop and lose the creative venue they provide.

Above and Beyond the Writing Workshop is filled with original writing challenges designed to bring back the spirit of the original writing workshop model and encourage teachers to enhance it with invention, innovation, and inspiration. Teaching creative writing is not only possible, but an important process in their instruction. Author Shelley Harwayne invites teachers to keep the workshop spirit alive by:

  • Encouraging professional conversations on classroom ideas and methods between colleagues
  • Developing writing cues that allow young writers to be inquisitive, outspoken, and independent
  • Showing how high quality writing can make a difference 
  • Offering an inspired and stimulating outlet for students to express their passions

Harwayne's book will help teachers encourage students to write the world around them, which can generate more critical thinking and make for a more well-rounded child.


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