How Many? - Book Cover
1st Edition

How Many?

A Counting Book, Teacher's Guide With Student Book

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781625312181
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Author Christopher Danielson makes counting fun and welcoming in How Many?: A Counting Book. Students might count one pair of shoes, or two shoes, or four corners of a shoebox. They might discuss whether two shoes have two shoelaces, or four. They might notice surprising patterns and relationships, and share their discoveries and logic

Along with the counting book, this bundle includes the Teacher's Guide where Danielson explores deep mathematical ideas such as counting, number language, units, grouping, partitioning, place value, and vocabulary. Throughout, he shares stories and excerpts from real classrooms where he facilitated How Many? discussions. Danielson helps teachers anticipate what students might notice and gives practical suggestions for facilitating rich conversations with students. Danielson's interest in students' ideas is infectious, and readers will soon find themselves seeking out opportunities to ask young mathematicians, "How Many?"


What is the second word of the first paragraph of Chapter 3?
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