Who's Doing the Work? - Book Cover
1st Edition

Who's Doing the Work?

How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781625310750
eBook: 9781032683140
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Best-selling authors Dr. Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris rethink traditional teaching practices in Who's Doing the Work: How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More. They review some common instructional mainstays such as read-aloud, guided reading, shared reading, and independent reading and provide small, yet powerful, adjustments to help hold students accountable for their learning.

Next generation reading instruction is much more responsive to student needs and aims to remove some of the scaffolding that can hinder reader development. Instead of relying on teacher prompts, Who's Doing the Work asks teachers to have students take ownership of their reading by managing their challenges independently and working through any plateaus they encounter.

Whether you are an elementary teacher, literacy coach, reading specialist, or parent, Who's Doing the Work provides numerous examples on how to readjust the reading process and teach students to gain proficiency and joy in their work.


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