The Chatterbugs Manual - Book Cover
1st Edition

The Chatterbugs Manual

A 12-Week Speech, Language and Communication Programme for Early Years

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781138602342
Hardback: 9781138602311
eBook: 9780429469497
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The Chatterbugs Manual is a practical resource for all those supporting the development of the foundation communication skills of attention and listening, turn-taking and early vocabulary in children. The Chatterbugs programme has been designed to bridge the gap between education and specialist speech, language and communication provision, specifically with Early Years mainstream settings in mind. It enables school staff to prepare children—including those with delayed communication skills, EAL learners, or children with suspected special education needs—for learning in school by developing their communication skills through the use of robust communication strategies.

The Chatterbugs Manual contains:

An overview of the programme, including step-by-step instructions on how to plan and deliver a Chatterbugs session Guidance on identifying children likely to benefit from the programme
Progress Tracking documents, along with information on measuring outcomes
Child-friendly, illustrated session resources
Frequently Asked Questions
A parent-friendly information leaflet
Information on models of implementation
Information on accessing training and support

Developed by an experienced speech and language therapist, Chatterbugs has consistently recorded successful outcomes for over 80% of participants since the programme’s inception in 2012, and for over 90% of participants since 2016. With its hands-on approach, the programme is an essential resource for educators, support staff, and speech and language therapists working with Early Years children.


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