Transforming Your Anger in Non-Violent Ways - Book Cover
1st Edition

Transforming Your Anger in Non-Violent Ways

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863887543
Hardback: 9781138414761
eBook: 9781315145457
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This is a practical workbook helping individuals to safely express their anger. For those of you who are struggling with unhelpful expressions of anger, whether your own or other people's, this book provides explanations, activities and exercises to change how you understand and express your anger. It empowers you to move away from your habitual reactions, resulting in conflict, and towards ways of expressing your anger fully and safely in non-violent ways. It explains key concepts and common human experiences of the physical, neurological and emotional displays of anger. It helps readers to identify the key triggers for their own and others' anger, and to identify their typical anger style. It describes non-violent ways to express anger fully and safely, and to receive and deal with the anger of others. It explains how changes to behaviour can be established and maintained. With more than 40 activities and exercises to work through, this is a practical resource to empower you to change your behaviour so you are able to express your anger safely and to improve your experience of family and work life.


What is the seventh word in Chapter 4: Transforming your anger in the family?
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