1st Edition

Enriching Vocabulary in Secondary Schools

A Practical Resource for Teachers and Speech and Language Therapists

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781138360402
eBook: 9780429433177
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Enriching Vocabulary in Secondary Schools - Book Cover


Enriching Vocabulary in Secondary Schools explores the importance of vocabulary for academic, social, emotional, and employment outcomes. It describes the vulnerability of vocabulary skills in children and adolescents with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN), and suggests practical ways to support them as they learn.

The book contains a theoretical overview of vocabulary development in children and adolescents, highlighting its impact on both learning and psychosocial functioning, and profiles the vocabulary learning of children with SLCN. It includes a range of programmes, strategies, and resources for vocabulary learning, together with the evidence base and key research underpinning them. Chapters offer a plethora of word-learning activities, ideas, and downloadable resources for implementation in the classroom, small groups, and individually to meet the needs of pupils with differing levels of language and cognitive ability.

An essential resource for speech and language therapists, secondary school teachers, and support staff, this book will give readers a deeper understanding of the significance of language, along with an extensive practical toolkit to help teach and enhance the vocabulary learning of older children and young people.


What is the fifth word in the first sentence of the introduction in Chapter 5?
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