No Outsiders: We Belong Here - Book Cover
1st Edition

No Outsiders: We Belong Here

Lesson Plans to Teach Diversity and Equality in Schools

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032732619
Hardback: 9781032732657
eBook: 9781003463474
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What does modern Britain look like and how do we prepare our children for life in an ever-changing world? We want children to be able to live and work anywhere and with anyone without fear and without judgement.

Schools need a strong, confident framework where young people are taught to explore and value their own identities and the identities of others. No Outsiders is a whole school ethos teaching children that everyone is different, and everyone belongs: there are no outsiders at our school because everyone is welcome. Using this book and a common language threaded throughout the school, we can work to challenge prejudice in wider society. The book includes:

  • 43 lesson plans and assembly ideas.
  • A framework to deliver an inclusive curriculum built around picture books written for children aged 4-11, many of which will already be in school libraries.
  • The stories of Head Teachers, speaking of their journeys, challenges, and successes.
  • Innovative ways to keep parents informed and involved.

Steeped in current practice and easy to implement in your school, No Outsiders: We Belong Here expands the No Outsiders collection with a wealth of new lesson plans and will be an essential resource for primary school teachers, school leaders, and teacher-training providers.


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