3rd Edition

Estimator’s Pocket Book

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032661520
Hardback: 9781032661551
eBook: 9781032773346
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Estimator’s Pocket Book - Book Cover


The Estimator’s Pocket Book, Third Edition is a concise and practical reference cover­ing the main approaches to pricing, as well as useful information such as how to process sub-contractor quotations, tender settlement and adjudication. It is fully up to date with the New Rules of Measurement (NRM2) (2nd Edition) throughout and based on up-to-date wage rates, legislative changes and guidance notes.

The book includes instructions on how to carry out:

  • an NRM order of cost estimate,
  • unit-rate pricing for a range different trades,
  • pro rata pricing for variations, and
  • the preparation and pricing of builders’ quantities and approximate quantities.

This book is an essential source of reference for quantity surveyors, cost managers, project managers and anybody else with estimating respon­sibilities.


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