1st Edition

My Blob Feelings Workbook

A Toolkit for Exploring Emotions!

Imprint: Speechmark
Series: Blobs
Paperback: 9781032598444
Hardback: 9781032598529
eBook: 9781003456551
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My Blob Feelings Workbook - Book Cover


My Blob Feelings Workbook provides the reader with a series of unique visual reflective exercises that help to reveal one’s own emotional portrait. Using a combination of Blob characters and open questions, the reader can gradually build up an image of themselves across a wide range of ‘who I am’ subjects and real-life scenarios.

Packed with well-loved blob illustrations, this book includes a wealth of downloadable pages and will enable the individual to ‘draw’ a picture of themselves emotionally through the series of exercises. Sections covered include:

  • My Charts
  • My Feeling Scales
  • My Scenarios
  • Myself Scales

Best used as a personal toolkit for self-awareness, this book is also a rich resource for professionals working in the field of feelings to use with their own clients. It is suitable for all ages from secondary school upwards and ideal for individuals, couples, groups and all who wish to go deeper in understanding their emotional strengths and areas for development.


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