1st Edition

Empowering Relationships and Sex Education

A Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032571256
Hardback: 9781032571263
eBook: 9781003437932
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Empowering Relationships and Sex Education - Book Cover


The teaching of sex and relationships is now statutory, but many secondary schools and teachers are struggling with this essential topic. Can we really talk about sexual pleasure? How do we make our teaching LGBTQ+ inclusive? How do we engage boys with discussions about sexual violence? These and many other questions will be answered in Empowering Relationships and Sex Education.

This book helps schools understand that the statutory content is not the maximum they can do, rather it is the minimum they should do. Quality RSE offers young people skills for life. It empowers them to love themselves and find love with other people. It helps them acquire a clearer sense of themselves and their character and helps to develop empathy with others. It fosters a sense of agency and reciprocal sexual citizenship. It combats fear and shame around sex, unhelpful messages from porn, peer pressure and so much more. Good RSE is everything!

This book is a way for you to educate yourself on the many fascinating subject areas within RSE. It is a fantastic starting point for building a programme to meet student need and an essential resource for all RSE leads and teachers in secondary schools.


What is the third word of Chapter 2, below the heading 'The Case for Teaching Sexual Health'?
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