7th Edition

Practicum and Internship

Textbook and Resource Guide for Counseling and Psychotherapy

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781032545608
Hardback: 9781032545660
eBook: 9781003428664
Practicum and Internship - Book Cover
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The seventh edition of Practicum and Internship is a practical resource that provides students and supervisors with thorough coverage of all stages and aspects of the practicum and internship process.

New to this edition are:

  • Extensive revisions and updates to appendices and downloadable, customizable online forms, contracts, and other materials
  • New material on transitioning to internship
  • New discussion of evidence-based approaches to all aspects of the counseling process, including clinical assessment, case conceptualization, and counseling techniques
  • An expanded exploration of teletherapy and distance counseling and highly reported ethical and legal issues, such as record-keeping and billing
  • Thoughtful review of contemporary cultural issues across the core therapeutic and supervisory processes
  • Updated review of risk assessment procedures, particularly for suicidal and homicidal clients
  • New information on mentorship and self-care
  • Updated research and scholarship throughout

With comprehensive information that spans across therapeutic approaches, concerns, and topics, this remains an essential foundational text for counseling and psychotherapy students and their supervisors.


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