1st Edition

Experiencing Organised Sounds

The listening experience across diverse sound-based works

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032533278
Hardback: 9781032547435
eBook: 9781003427315
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Experiencing Organised Sounds - Book Cover


Experiencing Organised Sounds investigates a wide horizon of sound-based works using a template consistently across its 16 studies. It has been written for both specialist and non-specialist readers aiming to address means of increasing appreciation and understanding related to the experience of sonic creativity (music involving any sounds, not just musical notes) across this repertoire as well as to launch a discussion about how the reception of sonic creativity can be influenced by the circumstances of listening, in particular, regarding the qualitative difference between the in-situ as opposed to mediated experience. Although listening is the volume’s focus, complementary information from the musicians is offered to facilitate holistic work overviews. As the first composition presented was composed by a 15-year-old, the intention is to demonstrate that what might be considered a niche area of the contemporary arts is one in which both increased appreciation and participation could and should easily be achieved. The book’s work discussions are divided over three central chapters focused on fixed-medium compositions, performed and sound art works. Experiencing Organised Sounds can be used as an undergraduate textbook, by experienced readers or those new to the area. All works discussed and related materials are available to readers online.


What is the sixth word in the first paragraph of the Chapter 3 after the heading "Mixed music"?
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