3rd Edition

Group Work in Schools

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032425955
Hardback: 9781032426112
eBook: 9781003363484
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Group Work in Schools - Book Cover


The third edition of Group Work in Schools is designed to prepare counselors in school settings to successfully implement task, psycho-educational, and counseling groups in public and private educational settings.

The chapters of this book are written by experts in the counseling profession and cover foundational, systemic, and applied topics essential to training top-caliber school counselors. Providing state of practice information and case examples that help readers see how theory translates to practice in the field, additions to this newly updated third edition include discussion topics, activities, case examples, practitioner perspectives, and integrated CACREP (2024) standards and learning outcomes, as well as an overall update to reflect the most recent research and knowledge, including pandemic coverage and advances in technology.

Updated comprehensively and thoughtfully and featuring a wide range of contributor perspectives, the much-anticipated third edition of this book is essential reading for school counselors-in-training.


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