1st Edition

The Working Voice

Vocal Health and Effective Communication

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032420806
Hardback: 9781032420813
eBook: 9781003361114
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The Working Voice - Book Cover


The Working Voice is an accessible, go-to resource to help readers get to know, take care of, and develop their voice. An essential guide for anyone whose voice acts as an integral part of their professional role, this highly practical yet informative book provides the necessary insights to achieve real results, drawing on the experience of an expert speech and language therapist, and an accomplished actor and voice and communication coach.

Each chapter offers a wealth of information on a key element of voice, including posture, tension release, breathing, resonance, volume, intonation and effective communication, alongside advice and exercises to maintain your vocal health and empower your communication in the workplace.

The book includes self-assessment checklists, questionnaires and thought-provoking prompts to help you understand your voice better, identify the challenges you face as a professional voice user. It also contains exercises to enhance your vocal ability. Expert advice on what to embrace and what to avoid ensures a safe and structured path towards vocal health, quality and authentic presence.

This crucial introduction to voice in the professional workplace will benefit anyone who speaks as part of their job, including education, law, media, health, entertainment and corporate professionals, whether communicating in person, online or to a large audience.


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