1st Edition

Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manual

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781032419817
Hardback: 9781032419800
eBook: 9781003360667
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Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manual - Book Cover


Starting from the purchase of heavy equipment and following through to the end of its economic life, this manual explains how to efficiently maintain and operate different types of heavy equipment. Assigning heavy equipment to different projects and utilizing them in varied systems is a large part of construction operation; ensuring everything is monitored consistently and maintained accordingly is essential. This book aids engineers in facilitating straightforward, consistent reporting systems and cost-efficient equipment use. This is particularly of note to the construction industry.


• Enables engineers to save time and money on maintenance costs and maximize the availability of the heavy equipment

• Provides comprehensive coverage of methods and procedures for heavy equipment management

• Provides charts for practical use by engineers in the field, e.g., mapping out a maintenance schedule

• Includes chapters on maintenance and field operations organization, including safety and security organization

This book will be of interest to construction engineers, plant engineers, mechanical engineers, maintenance plant and field engineers.


What is the sixth word in the first paragraph of "Chapter 6" after the heading "6.1 Standard Operating"?
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