Adulthood - Book Cover
1st Edition


An Introduction

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032397726
Hardback: 9781032398624
eBook: 9781003397915
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Adulthood: An Introduction offers a thorough foundation to learn, consolidate, and apply developmental concepts and current knowledge to the psychology of adult development. It illustrates major ideas with carefully selected research that is widely referenced and topically pertinent to development in early, middle, and late adulthood.

This comprehensive text reviews the five domains of development, including biological development, cognitive development, personality development, social development, and ecological influences in development. It introduces multicultural perspectives and contexts in these discussions, as well as developmental themes such as nature and nurture, early and later experiences, and the individual’s active role. Accompanied by learning objectives and section reviews, vignettes portray numerous adult experiences, and commentaries for students offer additional information and interpretation with the students’ perspectives in mind.

Designed to encourage students to think critically about topics of adulthood in both academic and applied settings, Adulthood is appropriate for undergraduate students in psychology and related disciplines, such as addiction studies, speech pathology, criminal justice, nursing, and business.

Combined with a complete ancillary package, the book provides activities for individuals and groups, critical thinking questions, vignette-specific questions and responses, perspectives across disciplines, and much more. Additional resources for both students and instructors are available in the book's Support Material.


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