The Science of Children's Wellbeing - Book Cover
1st Edition

The Science of Children's Wellbeing

Practical Sessions to Support Children Aged 7 to 11

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032386287
Hardback: 9781032386294
eBook: 9781003345954
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This essential book is packed full of comprehensive guidelines and practical resources for running wellbeing intervention sessions for children aged 7 to 11, drawing from the scientifically grounded Six Ways to Wellbeing and the DNA-V model.

Each chapter focuses on one of the Six Ways to Wellbeing, six patterns of action known to correlate highly with aspects of positive mental health and wellbeing. These principles have been translated into 36 step-by-step sessions to develop children’s wellbeing and psychological flexibility and support those struggling with aspects of their mental health. The sessions can be delivered by educators with the whole class, with small groups as targeted wellbeing interventions or easily adapted to fit one-to-one contexts.

The Six Ways to Wellbeing sessions include:

Be Active: Staying physically active and exercising regularly.

Self-Care: Engaging in good quality self-care behaviours.

Connect with Others: Connecting with others socially in ways that feel genuine, authentic and fulfilling.

Give to Others: Engaging in kind, thoughtful and giving behaviours toward others and the wider world.

Challenge Yourself: Encouraging learning that feels personally challenging to grow and develop new skills.

Embrace the Moment: Taking notice of the world around you and embracing and appreciating the moment.

Easy to follow and requiring no previous training, this book is the ideal resource for primary school teachers and leaders, psychologists, mental health practitioners, school counsellors, SENCos, LSAs, ELSAs and learning mentors looking to support and improve children’s wellbeing within their professional roles.


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