Strength-Based Goal Setting in Gifted Education - Book Cover
1st Edition

Strength-Based Goal Setting in Gifted Education

Addressing Social-Emotional Awareness, Self-Advocacy, and Underachievement in Gifted Education

Imprint: Prufrock
Paperback: 9781032362663
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This must-have resource provides you with the tools needed to implement a strength-based approach for leading gifted and high-potential learners to Purposeful Empowerment in Goal Setting (PEGS).

Expertly developed from Gagné’s (2021) DMGT Talent Development Model, PEGS incorporates self-regulation, self-reflection, and self-advocacy strategies into the goal-setting process for gifted and high-potential learners. Whether setting goals to address underachievement, twice-exceptional needs, or current or future aspirations, this book provides the guidelines and resources necessary to empower gifted learners to develop student agency and gain key insights into how their own social-emotional awareness impacts effective goal-setting.

Gifted specialists, school counselors, classroom teachers, and academic coaches will find the ready-to-use forms, resources, tools, and strategies provided in this text an invaluable contribution toward their mission to guide and empower gifted and high-potential learners in the goal-setting and goal-achieving process.


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