Recovery Through Activity - Book Cover
2nd Edition

Recovery Through Activity

Increasing Participation in Everyday Life

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032322407
Hardback: 9781032322414
eBook: 9781003313533
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The Recovery Through Activity handbook offers an occupation-centred treatment programme and intervention, rooted in occupational therapy, and underpinned by the Model of Human Occupation. This valuable resource contains comprehensive evidence regarding the value of 12 categories of activity, along with a wealth of resources to support their implementation.

Fully revised to reflect current practice, and with a range of fresh resources, this book:

  • Will help practitioners support participants in recognising the long-term benefits of occupational participation while exploring a range of activities
  • Offers comprehensive evidence regarding the value of activity along with a wealth of resources to support implementation of an occupation-based intervention
  • Includes worksheets that are available for download online to support easy use, as well as links to purpose-made mini videos introducing prospective participants to the 12 topics
  • Provides examples of how groupwork can be adapted, as well as suggestions for how assessments can be used to build competence in 1:1 work
  • Divides session ideas into quick questions, discussion topics, and options for exploration and reflection
  • Presents new session ideas as well as helpful signposts to further developments in the companion handbook, Discovery Through Activity

Showcasing new and diverse voices of those using the programme, Recovery Through Activity, 2nd edition, is an invaluable resource for occupational therapists, occupational therapy students and educators, and occupation-focused mental health services.


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