Learn Programming with C - Book Cover
1st Edition

Learn Programming with C

An Easy Step-by-Step Self-Practice Book for Learning C

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781032283555
Hardback: 9781032299082
eBook: 9781003302629
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Authored by two standout professors in the field of Computer Science and Technology with extensive experience in instructing, Learn Programming with C: An Easy Step-by Step Self-Practice Book for Learning C is a comprehensive and accessible guide to programming with one of the most popular languages.

Meticulously illustrated with figures and examples, this book is a comprehensive guide to writing, editing, and executing C programs on different operating systems and platforms, as well as how to embed C programs into other applications and how to create one’s own library. A variety of questions and exercises are included in each chapter to test the readers’ knowledge.

Written for the novice C programmer, especially undergraduate and graduate students, this book’s line-by-line explanation of code and succinct writing style makes it an excellent companion for classroom teaching, learning, and programming labs.


What is the eighth word in the first paragraph of the Chapter 7?
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