Music Performance Encounters - Book Cover
1st Edition

Music Performance Encounters

Collaborations and Confrontations

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032282169
Hardback: 9781032282169
eBook: 9781003295785
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Why do most musical performers and musical researchers continue to inhabit divergent epistemic spaces? To what extent is the act of musical performance coextensive with the act of doing musical research, and vice versa? At what point in the research process can a performative act transform into a scholarly one, and a scholarly act into a performative one? These, and other related questions, form the central focus of this book, with each chapter offering a fresh perspective on a particular topic in music performance studies: improvisational traditions, historical performance practices, analysis and performance, sports psychology, cross-cultural musical interactions, and institutional challenges.

This book is aimed at music researchers, teachers, students, and practising musicians interested in the intersection of academic and performance research; as such, it seeks to bridge the divide between the research of university-trained musicologists, scholars from other fields who focus on music, and the growing community of musical artist-researchers. Material in this book is supported by performance outcomes offered by the contributors on a separate YouTube channel and on the Routledge online portal.


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