Mastering Clinical Embryology - Book Cover
1st Edition

Mastering Clinical Embryology

Good Practice, Clinical Biology, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and Advanced Laboratory Skills

Imprint: CRC Press
Paperback: 9781032216577
Hardback: 9781032216744
eBook: 9781003269502
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Clinical scientists, embryologists, and reproductive technologists, at all levels, as well as trainees and students interested in assisted reproductive technology and reproductive medicine, will find here a clear synopsis of the best laboratory practice, clinical biology, assisted reproduction techniques, and advanced practical skills they will need to know as clinical practitioners. Expert embryologists and trainers contributed to the essential material as well as a number of advanced topics.

Key features:

  • Offers a clear synopsis of the clinical biology, laboratory skills, and best practice for the trainee embryologist
  • Provides the ideal reference resource for those undertaking postgraduate training to become a clinical embryologist
  • Gives access to the views of expert embryologist and trainers


What is the family name of the first author of the first reference in Chapter 11?
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