1st Edition

Evaluative Thinking for Advanced Learners, Grades 3–5

Imprint: Prufrock
Paperback: 9781032199276
Hardback: 9781032214238
eBook: 9781003268352
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Evaluative Thinking for Advanced Learners, Grades 3–5 - Book Cover


Evaluative Thinking for Advanced Learners, Grades 3-5 will teach students to think critically about values, issues, and ideas while creating defensible arguments.

Evaluative thinking is a skill which helps students learn to weigh values and facts in making judgements. Working through the lessons and handouts in this book, students will examine difficult and ambiguous questions from a subjective and balanced perspective. This curriculum provides cohesive, focused, scaffolded lessons to teach each targeted area of competency, followed by authentic application activities for students to then apply their newly developed skill set.

This book can be used as a stand-alone gifted curriculum or as part of an integrated curriculum. Each lesson ties in both reading and metacognitive skills, making it easy for teachers to incorporate into a variety of contexts.


In chapter 4 what is the ninth word in the first bullet list item inside "Box 4.3: Discussing Gray Area Socratic Seminar Focus Questions"?
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