The Selective Mutism Workbook for Parents and Professionals - Book Cover
1st Edition

The Selective Mutism Workbook for Parents and Professionals

Small Steps, Big Changes

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032154114
Hardback: 9781032154107
eBook: 9781003244035
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This workbook provides hands-on Activities, Strategies, planning sheets and progress trackers for use with children with selective mutism at home, at school and in the wider community. Written by selective mutism expert Maggie Johnson and parent coach Junhua Reitman, the workbook includes first-hand accounts of how children can overcome SM successfully using the Activities and Strategies described in this book. Activities are organised around the daily routines of school and family life and each Activity is broken into a progression of small steps with appropriate Strategies and an accompanying record sheet to track progress. Activities include:

  • Using the toilet at school
  • Attending social gatherings
  • Organising a successful playdate
  • Initiating conversation
  • Talking in the classroom
  • Eating with peers

This workbook is essential reading for parents, professionals and anyone who is looking for a toolkit for selective mutism. It also provides a useful extension to The Selective Mutism Resource Manual, 2nd edition, focusing on the ‘how’ to complement the manual’s ‘what’ and ‘why’. Small steps really do lead to big changes but taking the first step can be the most difficult. This book helps you make that first step.


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