3rd Edition

Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy

A Companion for Therapists and Practitioners

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032153094
Hardback: 9781032153100
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Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy - Book Cover


Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy is a guide to resolving the common areas of confusion and stuckness that professionals often experience when facilitating the transformational potential of the IFS model. Real-life clinical and autobiographical material is used throughout from the author’s supervision practice, together with insights from IFS developer Richard C. Schwartz and other lead trainers and professionals. With the use of reflective and practical exercises, therapists and practitioners (those without a foundational therapy training) are encouraged to get to know and attend to their own inner family of parts, especially those who may be struggling to embrace the new modality. Reflective statements by professionals on their own journeys of transition feature as a unique element of the book. Endnotes provide the reader with additional information and direct them to key sources of information on IFS.


What is the eighth word in the "Introduction" of "Chapter 5 - Differentiating between key IFS concepts and practices"?
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