1st Edition

The Early Years Intervention Toolkit

Inclusive Activities to Support Child Development

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032152547
Hardback: 9781032152561
eBook: 9781003243298
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The Early Years Intervention Toolkit - Book Cover


The Early Years Intervention Toolkit provides a range of ready-made activities to enable early years practitioners and health visitors to address observed difficulties in a child’s development prior to starting school. It includes a checklist of observed behaviours which links to a range of effective and engaging activities to support children’s development across the three prime foundational areas of learning: Communication and Language; Physical Development; and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Activities focus on a variety of crucial skills such as speaking and listening, moving and handling, and forming relationships, making use of materials that are readily available in every early years setting.

This toolkit offers:

  • A time-saving approach to interventions, with additional guidance on planning, providing, and recording appropriate interventions
  • Advice and activities to share with parents for them to try at home
  • A framework to enable early years practitioners to identify specific difficulties in key areas of development
  • Downloadable resources to support activities and interventions

The Early Years Intervention Toolkit is an inclusive programme and all children in the early years will benefit from taking part in the activities. It will be an essential resource for early years practitioners to effectively identify and support learning needs in child development and will boost the confidence of young children as they prepare for Key Stage One.


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