1st Edition

Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy

Co-Adventuring for Change

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032108810
Hardback: 9781032108803
eBook: 9781003217558
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Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy - Book Cover


Solution-Focused Practice in Outdoor Therapy presents a comprehensive model for working therapeutically with clients outdoors, with adventure, and in any outdoor setting – from a typical one-hour session to multi-day expeditions.

Chapters lay out a robust and pragmatic model for opening the counseling room door using solution-focused methods. Dobud and Natynczuk bring together research on best practice in psychotherapy, monitoring therapeutic outcomes, safe and inclusive leadership, supervision, and self-care to present a robust framework for working therapeutically outdoors. Case vignettes are presented throughout the book, and a field manual is available for free download with purchase of the book.


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