SEND Intervention - Book Cover
1st Edition

SEND Intervention

Planning Provision with Purpose

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9781032016474
Hardback: 9781032016481
eBook: 9781003179436
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The second in The Essential SENCO Toolkit series, this resource clarifies and explores the key distinctions between quality first teaching adjustments, resources/support and interventions. It allows practitioners to develop their practice effectively and strategically to capture the true impact of SEND provision, by shifting the focus from the ‘who and when’ to the ‘what and why’.

Chapters also include original frameworks – the 4 Functions of Learning Support – to help with the deployment of teaching assistants and to provide a shared language of support, as well as resources that support the application of the 7 Cs Learning Portfolio (introduced in the first book in the series, SEND Assessment) and an intervention index to fully understand the purpose and effectiveness of interventions.

Key features offered:

  • An introduction to the 4 Functions of Learning Support, providing a measurable language of learning support to help practitioners to organise and deploy teaching assistants as part of their SEND provision
  • An intervention index to enable individual or MAT-based SENCOs to capture their own evidence base regarding the purpose and impact of interventions
  • Intervention action cards and targeted outcomes for all 49 themes within the 7 Cs Learning Portfolio
  • A photocopiable and downloadable programme of materials that can be used by readers to gain a better understanding of interventions.

SEND Intervention will promote confidence and clarity regarding the rationale for SEND provision. This essential resource provides a practical toolkit to support both new and experienced SENCOs and SEN practitioners.


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