Clinical Cases in Dysarthria - Book Cover
1st Edition

Clinical Cases in Dysarthria

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9781032000565
Hardback: 9781032000572
eBook: 9781003172536
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Through the medium of detailed clinical case reports, written by well-respected clinicians and researchers working internationally in the field, Clinical Cases in Dysarthria discusses the challenges, and rewards of applying evidence-based procedures to people with dysarthria in real-life busy routine clinical settings.

The text opens with an introduction to the latest research and practices within dysarthria treatment and sets the scene for the eight individual case reports which follow. These case reports form the core chapters of the text and cover themes that range from clinical diagnostic conundrums to applying popular, and/or novel intervention approaches to different populations where dysarthria presents. Each chapter has a specific argument drawing on theoretical principles of assessment and rehabilitation, incorporating latest research evidence to help readers problem-solve similar cases in their clinical practice. Throughout the text, readers are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’.

This book will be essential for undergraduate and postgraduate student clinicians within speech and language therapy/pathology courses, as well as clinicians new to the field of dysarthria.


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