Motivating the Teenage Mind - Book Cover
1st Edition

Motivating the Teenage Mind

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863889189
Hardback: 9781138049789
eBook: 9781315169293
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Awakening intrinsic motivation in young people is the most important key to securing them a meaningful and successful life. No matter how much we know about how to learn, no lasting learning is likely to take place unless we want to learn; unless we are convinced of the reasons and have the confidence and resilience to achieve our goals.

Motivating the Teenage Mind is a unique, comprehensive, practical, activity-based motivational programme for secondary students.  It will give every student an opportunity to recognise their strengths, awaken their aspirations and become aware of the reasons for learning, and show them how to confidently create a vision for their future lives.

The programme provides educators with seven key aspects of motivation: making and giving choices; awakening curiosity and interest; nurturing dreams and setting goals; making learning relevant; raising confidence; strengthening resilience; and rewarding achievement. Aimed primarily at 11-16 year old secondary pupils, this resource is also suitable for 16-18 year old college students.


What is the third word in the first paragraph in section "Making learning relevant"
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