1st Edition

Hopes & Dreams - Developing Potential

A Practical Approach to Developing Potential

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863889097
Hardback: 9781138040182
eBook: 9781315175294
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Hopes & Dreams - Developing Potential - Book Cover


This practical resource provides the tools to help individuals explore their ambitions, set goals and plan to achieve them, manage their lives and gain the skills to make their hopes and dreams a reality. The programme is ideal for use with people who are making major changes in their lives and are ready to explore their options for the future. They may wish to return to education, go back to work, change jobs, start voluntary work, take up new interests or are considering other changes in their lives. The book is divided into two parts: six core sessions covering: Making a start, Deciding what you want, Setting goals, Making it happen, Learning to learn and What next? and Eight optional sessions. These can be used individually or added to the core sessions in any order, depending on identified need. The sessions cover: Dealing with stress, Coping with change, Being assertive, Overcoming relationship conflict, Organising your time, Dealing with disappointment, Keeping records and Creating an impression. It is an ideal resource for youth leaders, teachers, support workers, occupational therapists, social workers and probation staff. It has been developed through the experience of working with groups and individuals in adult education, youth services, day centres and rehabilitation centres.


Complete the sentence from Optional Session: Keeping Records: What records have I got?: “To examine existing records and their …”
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