Social Communication Difficulties Resource Pack - Book Cover
1st Edition

Social Communication Difficulties Resource Pack

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863888205
Hardback: 9781138042773
eBook: 9781315173429
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Devised by members of the Speech and Language Therapy team in Portsmouth city teaching PCT, this advice pack breaks down social communication difficulties into four key areas: Language; Conversation skills; Social skills; and Selecting and organising information. The pack will facilitate identification and assessment of social communication difficulties and provide suggested intervention strategies related to specific areas of communication. A range of photocopiable handouts have been created which address each feature identified. The handouts provide a description of the SCD feature, examples of how this might present in children and then a list of practical suggestions for teaching specific skills. It is an excellent proactical resource.


What is the second word in the answer to the question “What are conversation skills and why are they important?” In Chapter 2: Conversation Skills: Verbal?
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