SPPARC - Book Cover
1st Edition


Supporting Partners of People with Aphasia in Relationships and Conversation

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863886898
eBook: 9781003069652
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"SPPARC" highlights the importance of working with partners in order to create real life change both for partners and for people with aphasia. "The SPPARC" pack consists of a manual, CD Rom and DVD and provides: practical resources to run, support and conversation training programmes either for groups of partners or for the partner and the person with aphasia together as a couple; conversation assessment and treatment materials, photocopiable and printable (from the CD Rom) activities and handouts, as well as an introduction to conversational analysis; and, a DVD with 27 extracts of everyday conversations between several people with aphasia and their partners, which can be used as a resource both for assessing everyday conversation and for facilitating change.Theoretically validated through the 'Coping with Communicating' research project from University College London, "SPPARC" goes beyond the theory and provides a complete resource of clinically effective tools to work with people with aphasia and their communication partners.


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