1st Edition

Behaviour 4

My Future

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863886829
Hardback: 9781138043893
eBook: 9781315172804
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Behaviour 4 - Book Cover


"Behaviour 4 My Future" has been developed specifically for students at risk of exclusion. This highly practical emotional literacy resource engages young people and motivates them to improve their behaviour at school. It consists of 13 well structured sessions that have been designed to appeal to different learning styles and to encourage the development of the key skills and attitudes associated with emotional literacy. The sessions include: an audit of sutdents' work and behaviour; linking feelings, thinkings and behaviour; managing stress and anger in the classroom; understanding and profiling students' multiple intelligences; and, linking behaviour to future opportunities. Suitable for one-to-one and group work, this book includes set-up guidelines, photocopiable worksheets and a CD Rom. Each session is linked to the secondary SEAL outcomes.


What is the third word in Session 6: What Can Affect My Motivation??
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