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1st Edition

The Story Maker Motivator

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780863886683
Hardback: 9781138434264
eBook: 9781138434264
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The Story Maker Motivator is an inspiring resource for educators and anyone else aiming to help secondary school pupils write and think creatively. Based on tried and tested activities and approaches first presented in the authors' award-winning book for primary schools, this is a unique collection of classroom materials.

"If I was Head of English I would definitely use it. It is packed with ideas, there are so many lessons a teacher could get out of it. It is different from anything I have seen." Roger Mason retired Head Teacher of Backwell Secondary School, Bristol.

Topics covered include narrative planning, beginnings, cliffhangers, suspense hooks, endings, objects, characters, feelings, settings, speech and sound, descriptive story elements and thesauruses.

Other key features include:

- a mixture of photos, illustrations, and scenarios to inspire creativity;

- sample plans to help you devise stimulating lessons;

- a CD ROM containing printable versions of activities and lesson plans.

Suitable for English teachers, student teachers, EFL teachers, special needs teachers, learning support teachers and parents working at home with their children, this wide-ranging resource provides a unique approach to broadening writing and thinking skills.

You may also be interested in the award-winning book for primary schools by the same author: The Story Maker.


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