A Pocket Guide to Risk Assessment and Management in Mental Health - Book Cover
1st Edition

A Pocket Guide to Risk Assessment and Management in Mental Health

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780415702591
Hardback: 9780415702584
eBook: 9780203795590
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Risk assessment and risk management are top of every mental health trust’s agenda. This concise and easy-to-read book provides an informative and practical guide to the process of undertaking a risk assessment, arriving at a formulation and then developing a risk management plan.

Covering everything a practitioner may have to think about when undertaking risk assessments in an accessible, logical form, the book includes practice recommendations rooted in the latest theory and evidence base. Attractively presented, plentiful clinical tip boxes, tables, diagrams and case examples make it easy to identify key information. Samples of authentic dialogue demonstrate ways in which to formulate questions and think about complex problems with the person being assessed. A series of accompanying films, professionally made and based on actual case studies, are available on a companion website, further illustrate key risk assessment and management skills.

This accessible guidebook is designed for all mental health professionals, and professionals-in-training. It will also be a useful reference for healthcare practitioners who regularly come into contact with people experiencing mental health problems.


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