Hidden Territories - Book Cover
1st Edition

Hidden Territories

The Theatre of Gardzienice

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780415262989
Hardback: 9780415262972
eBook: 9781315013275
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Wlodzimierz Staniewski's group Gardzienice Theatre has established an unparalleled reputation for a sensual and complex performance aesthetic. The work is inspired by the expressive traditions of indigenous culture and the musicality of the natural environment.
This is the first full-length articulation by Staniewski himself of this unique director's philosophy and rigorous practice. In this magnificent book and the remarkable cd-rom which accompanies it, Staniewski, with editor Alison Hodge, gives a fascinating insight into his company's principles and techniques. The cd-rom provides: *Extensive video footage of performances and rehearsals
*Essays by Staniewski, Hodge, and other contributors
*Photographs from the Gardzienice archives
*Performance scripts
*Director's notes
*A full chronology of the company
This innovative publication is a landmark for the documentation and appreciation of contemporary performance. It will be an exciting addition to any theatre-lover's bookshelf.


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