1st Edition

Secondary Curriculum Transformed

Enabling All to Achieve

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780367900878
Hardback: 9780367900861
eBook: 9781003022534
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Secondary Curriculum Transformed - Book Cover


More than ever, secondary curriculum requires greater flexibility and adaptability so young people learn the relevant knowledge and key skills they need for the evolving world of training and employment. This practical guide, both radical and progressive, makes a compelling argument for a secondary curriculum that addresses the needs and aspirations of all students. A balanced approach will help reform students’ attitudes and behaviours and re-ignite their curiosity and motivation for learning.

Secondary Curriculum Transformed proposes an ambitious GCSE five-year journey inclusive of academic, creative and technical subjects, including T-Levels and mandatory key skills. To equip young people with this critical knowledge and key skills, the book:

  • transforms the 11–19 curriculum so it does not disadvantage, marginalise or exclude young people;
  • showcases excellent practice case studies from British and international contexts;
  • provides curriculum models which schools can adapt to their own context;
  • signposts educational research and listens to the ‘student voice’; transforming them into leaders of their learning.

Offering a comprehensive model for leaders and teachers to put the evidence into practice, this is essential reading for all education professionals.


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