Death and (Re) Birth of J.S. Bach - Book Cover
1st Edition

Death and (Re) Birth of J.S. Bach

Reconsidering Musical Authorship and the Work-Concept

Imprint: Routledge
Paperback: 9780367732554
Hardback: 9781138586260
eBook: 9780429504716
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While the study and redefinition of the notion of authorship and its relationship to the idea of the literary work have played a central role in recent research on literature, semiotics, and related disciplines, its impact on contemporary musicology is still limited. Why? What implications would a reconsideration of the author- and work-concepts have on our understanding of the creative musical processes? Why would such a re-examination of these regulative concepts be necessary? Could it emerge from a post-structuralist revision of the notion of musical textuality? In this book, Trillo takes the …Bach… project, a collection of new music based on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita No.1 for solo violin, BWV 1002, as a point of departure to sketch some critical answers to these fundamental questions, raise new ones, and explore their musicological implications.


What is the seventh word in the first paragraph of the Chapter 4?
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