2nd Edition

Managing Stress in Secondary Schools

A Whole-School Approach for Staff and Students

Imprint: Speechmark
Paperback: 9780367556549
Hardback: 9780367556556
eBook: 9781003094524
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Managing Stress in Secondary Schools - Book Cover


Managing Stress in Secondary Schools: A Whole-School Approach for Staff and Students, second edition, introduces a practical stress management programme for use in schools and colleges. Drawing from current theory and evidence-based practice on anxiety, stress and mental health, it offers student lesson plans, plus a staff self-training session, with concrete activities to develop crucial stress management skills in both staff and students.

The programme provides direct training in stress reduction skills, supported by online resources, designed to fit into timetabled PSHE lessons. Key features of this manual include:

  • Simple and flexible lesson plans that can be performed either at the start of timetabled PSHE lessons or as full stress management lessons on their own.
  • A staff self-training session plan that serves both as preparation for leading lessons with students and facilitates the development of stress management skills among staff.
  • Downloadable audio relaxation recordings.
  • Downloadable handouts to encourage students’ relaxation practice at home.
  • Downloadable PowerPoint slides to guide tuition.

With lessons covering the causes and effects, as well as strategies on preventing and managing stress, this is an invaluable resource for teachers and other school staff involved in the PSHE curriculum. It would be of particular interest to those supporting students preparing for exams.


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